02/07/2020 News
Careers - First meeting

While the world is changing at a rapid pace, citizen’s ability to handle complexity and to manage their own career development become crucial. The need to develop the set of skills which empower citizens to master their career-related challenges has therefore rightly gained priority in European lifelong guidance policies. These skills are defined as “career management skills” and are the focus of this new policy reform project funded by the Erasmus+ programme. The project is called “Careers around me” and has just started with a first partners’ meeting in Bucharest. The project will work in all the stages of the individual’s career development (schools, higher education, vocational education and public employment centres) to promote a better understanding of CMS, to support the educational component of CMS development and to explore the use of innovative technologies to support CMS development. While hoping to trigger an impactful systemic change, partners have started a European social innovation experiment which plans to engage a wide network of stakeholders in an international participatory action research.